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Boosted Energy:
An innovation with many benefits

Our high-performance flywheels store and release energy 6-fold accumulated

How it works

For decarbonization and on-demand power, anywhere.

ADAPTIVE Amperage flywheel energy storage delivers the extra power you need:

  • For accelerated charging infrastructure deployment
  • To smooth out grid fluctuations
  • To efficiently use renewable energy
  • No grid extension, no transformer needed

Scalable buffered energy with 350kW total power each

Total power
0 kW
0 years
Charging cycles
> 0, 0 Mio

The flywheel is the oldest known method of energy storage: even the potter’s wheel used the principle of storing rotational energy, as did the flywheel. ADAPTIVE Amperage, the modern high-performance flywheel storage system, takes this principle to a new level.

  • The flywheel becomes an energy-optimized high-tech hollow cylinder
  • Made of carbon material with maximum storage capacity
  • Ultra-robust construction with magnetic bearings in high vacuum
  • 18,000 rounds per minute
  • Efficiency > 92%
  • International patent protection
  • Easy to set up - no network extension or transformer required
  • Modular and scalable
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be integrated with HPC chargers and other consumers
  • Ultra-fast charging: also available as all-in-one solution with integrated charger

Sustainable and reliable

Our flywheel storage units are sustainable, durable and contain no battery chemicals. We reliably manufacture in Germany, have established regional supply chains and do not compete with battery procurement.

GreenTech Made in Germany.

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Powerful performance for many applications

Even if the power grid’s capacity is insufficient, you can implement forward-looking decarbonization projects: Adaptive’s high-performance kinetic storage systems recharge cars, trucks and other heavy-duty applications, electrify public transport, stabilize grids and protect batteries.

Boosted energy output of up to 350 kW per system and a modular, scalable system make it possible.

  • From 40 kW / 63-amp connection onwards
  • Directly at grid connection point, no transformer needed
  • Renewable energy can be integrated and being prioritized for usage
  • Can be used in hybrid buffer-storage systems

Sustainable high performance even with insufficient power grid: An efficient contribution to decarbonization


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