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About Us

Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH

Our company’s vision: a renewable, secure and affordable energy supply worldwide. With our sustainable energy storage system, we are making an important contribution to the global energy transition.

Adaptive Balancing Power was founded in 2016 by Dr. Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz and Nicolai Meder, two experts in mechatronic product development and energy storage. Our founders have been deeply involved with the 4th generation flywheel technology since 2008 and started the development and commercialisation of the Adaptive Balancing Power flywheel packages in 2012. So we know our subject through and through: We understand the technology, the markets and the requirements of our customers. Our focus is on innovative applications in which our energy storage systems offer added economic value. In this way, we achieve a reduction in global CO2 emissions through economic levers.

Our origins are in German mechanical engineering, our orientation is that of a globally active medium-sized company. Our in-depth understanding of systems, combined with a lean corporate structure, makes us very agile – it enables us to respond dynamically to changing market conditions, new opportunities and challenges. For manufacturing and integration of our energy storage systems, we work together with a proven network of industrial partners.


We are a young, dynamic team – we grow fast and we know where we are going: it is a matter of running a marathon, because only with perseverance can we achieve our goal of drastically reducing CO2 emissions worldwide. Nevertheless, we are in a hurry to move forward and prove our product. We analyse and solve problems we encounter along the way together as a team. And if we lack the necessary knowledge, we acquire it.