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Adaptive Balancing Power is at the AEE Fachtagung 2022

The future of public transport is electric
Mobility is becoming more and more electric and is contributing to the energy transition. However, the EU Clean Vehicles Directive also places new demands on public transport companies, particularly with regard to their electrical infrastructure.

Our colleague Florian Fröhlich will show how fast and easy route charging via pantograph can be implemented, without a strong power connection and transformer, at the 10th VDV AEE Fachtagung 2022 from 05 to 06 July in Berlin.

Where exactly?
Vienna House Andel’s Berlin

Senior Sales Manager Florian Fröhlich with presentation on “Electrification of public transport- infrastructure & charging for e-buses”.
Often, public transport companies face multiple challenges to implement such a change in an efficient, grid-oriented, cost-optimized and process-safe way. Lack of experience in the electrification of e-bus fleets ties up high resources for planning, implementation and ongoing operation.
What will power procurement from the grid look like in the future? What are the advantages and disadvantages of depot and/or line charging? What technical implementations are there in the area of charging infrastructure? Are there already projects?
Florian Fröhlich talks on site about the change in public transport, its challenges and solutions.

With our solution, we enable e-buses in rural and urban areas. Now and not just in 2030. How?
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