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Adaptive Balancing Power presents its high-performance energy storage system AMPERAGE HPC-Booster for electro mobility

Fast charging in the time it takes to drink a coffee: Adaptive Balancing Power presents one-of-a-kind flywheel high-performance storage at the Power2Drive e-mobility trade fair.

The AMPERAGE Charge100 allows electric vehicles to be charged for travelling the next 60 odd miles in just a few minutes using a standard 63 amp high-voltage connection. Charging the vehicle almost fully takes about as long as a daily supermarket purchase (20 to 30 minutes). The fast charging technology from Adaptive Balancing Power smooths the way for charging at a power of up to 300 kW – even at locations that are not connected to fast charging power lines.

Over a million charge cycles, reliable and recyclable
The heart of the high-performance storage technology made in Germany comprises a globally unique, multi-patented flywheel mass storage system magnetically stored in a high vacuum with over one million charging cycles. The storage technology accumulates the energy from the power grid with the power available at the respective location and makes it available with up to six times the power for a rapid charging process that is condensed to a few minutes. The components used are proven and readily available, high-quality components sourced from European and German mechanical engineering operators. This makes the storage technology low-maintenance and, thanks to established procurement channels, smooths the way for quantities to be scaled quickly for the roll-out. The storage technology is also manufactured highly sustainably. The components are almost 100% recyclable.

The demand for powerful fast charging solutions is high
With its high-performance storage systems, Adaptive Balancing Power addresses the urgent demand for fast charging points which are largely independent of the lengthy and bureaucratic process of upgrading the power grid. In this way, Adaptive Balancing Power makes it possible for customers to gain easy access to the fast-charging energy business, install high-performance charging stations quickly and cost-effectively at a large number of different locations, and expand and upgrade locations that already have charging stations with additional charging points. The offering is aimed at energy suppliers, public transport companies, operators of vehicle fleets, multi-storey car parks and mobility hubs, charging park operators, the wholesale and retail trade, local councils, the hotel and catering industry, public institutions and vehicle manufacturers.