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Ultra-fast charging Without transformer, without grid expansion, without battery chemicals.
Without worries.

With us your charging infrastructure projects will be complete:

We compensate for an insufficient network with kinetic high-performance buffer storage.
Because the growth of electromobility requires an intelligent and sustainable charging infrastructure.

  • Ultra-fast charging with up to 350 kW
  • Smart energy management and boosting
  • Fast and flexible installation
  • Sustainable system, can be integrated with renewable energies
  • High-performance flywheel technology Made-in-Germany

Up to 350 kW power, modular and scalable.

Public spaces as well as commercial fleets are increasingly relying on HPC charging with more than 150 kW power. Customers want to conveniently integrate charging into their everyday lives – like refueling, only better. Companies and fleets need highly efficient operations fitting into tight schedules as well as availability and range.

The problem here is that conventional ultra-fast charging solutions rely on a medium-voltage connection or even grid expansion. In other words: limited choice of location, long implementation times and high costs.

We have the solution for ultra-fast charging of cars and service vehicles, everywhere.

For planning new charging infrastructure as well as upgrading existing charging points.
Up to 350 kW power – even where the power grid is otherwise insufficient.

For your customers and for your sustainability goals

Four powerful arguments

  • With our system, risks due to fire and for the groundwater can be neglected. In other words: faster approval times plus more safety for everyone.

  • Almost all of our suppliers are based in Germany and Europe, which means significantly less CO2 is being released during transportation. In addition, our regional suppliers stand for top quality and quick delivery times.

  • Our flywheel energy storage is built to lasts for over 25 years or for more than 1 million charging cycles. The required maintenance is minimal and saves resources.

  • At the end of its service life, the ADAPTIVE high-performance storage system can be recycled and returned to the circular economy.

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Buffer-stored ultra-fast charging:
An innovation with many advantages

Without battery chemicals, contributing to your sustainability goals

Smart Energy Management
Demand-driven power boosting with up to 350 kW total charging power

Where it normally would not work
Simple grid connection from 40 kW/ 63-amp onwards

Efficient and CO2-reduced
Renewable energies can be integrated

For every need
Modular and scalable. Also for hybrid buffer storage systems

Flexible and fast
Space-saving, also for parking garages and underground parkings

Faster and cost-efficient
No network expansion, no transformer construction

Fully integrable
With any Hypercharger or as an All-in-One solution

Rapid and reliable
EU supply chains and proven rapid installation

200 km electric range
in 10 minutes


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