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Electrification of your vehicle fleet made easy

Ultra-fast charging for company fleets: with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, AMPERAGE offers full flexibility and full range reliability for taxi companies, delivery services and other sales and service vehicles – even with short standstill times as a part of closely timed processes. Fully charged in less than 30 minutes, ranges of over 60 miles in less than 5 minutes.

Ultra-Fast charging now – independent of any grid upgrade

With AMPERAGE, you get to become independent of any grid upgrade. Because AMPERAGE makes it possible to recharge over 60 miles of electric range in just a few minutes – and that even with a standard 63 ampere (43 kW) high-voltage power supply.

Over 60 miles electric range in less than 5 minutes – everywhere.

Charging point upgrades made easy

AMPERAGE allows you to double the number of charging stations despite the power-limited power connection – without upgrading the power grid. This allows you to increase the flexibility and availability of your vehicle fleet.

Maximized charging power
0 kW
Charging time for over 60 miles
0 minutes
Vehicles availability
0 percent

Energy and load management for maximum efficiency

The load management from AMPERAGE can flexibly interact with the customer’s own energy management. A customized solution or standard energy management can also be implemented as an alternative. This lets you get the most out of your existing power connection.

Ideal für Service- und Vertriebsflotten

Ideal for service and sales fleets

Shorter downtimes, higher vehicle availability: fleet operators can use our system to charge their vehicles with more power in a shorter time. Sales or service fleets which are only available for charging for a short time at the company premises can also be electrified in this way – without any additional process costs.

Integration of renewable energies



Wind power

Integration into existing business processes

The ultra-fast charging solution AMPERAGE lets you economically integrate charging processes into established company processes and sustainably reduce operating costs. In this way, you can, for example, easily charge rental cars during vehicle preparation. The vehicles become available more quickly, and superfluous additional charging runs are eliminated.

Achieve charging capacity now that will
still be the state-of-the-art in 5 years’ time

Einsparungen durch Elektrifizierung der Firmenflotten

Savings by electrifying company fleets

State subsidies make it even easier to modernize company fleets and switch to sustainable e-mobility.

Reduce high demand rates

AMPERAGE allows load peaks caused by fast charging to be smoothed out and the price for the 15-minute average value (demand rate) to be reduced by up to 35 percent. We offer this solution so you can minimize your operating costs sustainably.

How AMPERAGE works

AMPERAGE charges electricity from the grid, stores it temporarily and releases it again with many times the power – similar to the operating principle used by a hydroelectric power plant.