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Charging like refueling. Only better.

Our AMPERAGE HPC Booster system makes charging capacities of up to 350 kW possible for each high power charging point. This way, cars can be charged up fully in less than half an hour and ranges of over 60 miles achieved for everyday driving in less than 5 minutes charging time.

More charging points with one existing power connection

AMPERAGE allows the number of charging stations to be doubled with a power-limited power connection – without upgrading the power grid and with no additional operating costs. No waiting times at the charging stations means you generate more sales and significantly increase the appeal of your location.

Over 60 miles electric range
in less than 5 minutes – everywhere

Charging station upgrade for
more charging speed

AMPERAGE turns slow AC 11 kW charging stations into ultra-fast 350 kW charging stations for increased sales in electricity.

Maximum Charging Power
0 kW
Charging Time for 60 Miles
0 minutes
Payback Period
3– 5 years

High Power charging made possible without the grid upgrade

Make your customers happy. Today. AMPERAGE makes it possible to recharge over 60 miles of electric range in just a few minutes – and that with a standard 63 ampere high-voltage power supply. You get to offer your customers real added value in the short time it takes them to make a quick purchase or drink a cup of coffee.

Raise the appeal of your real-estate property

The advantage of ultra-fast charging during day-to-day life is steadily gaining in priority with end customers. So which location do you think your customers will prefer? That’s right, locations with a high power charging infrastructure where they can also charge up their vehicle quickly. With AMPERAGE you will get unique selling point!

Ultra-fast charging at your location now, too

Fully eligible for grants *

up to €100,000 per location
* in Germany

Integration of regenerative energies

PV, wind power, CHP

Quick and easy to setup

Shaving high load peaks

AMPERAGE allows load peaks caused by high power charging to be smoothed out and the price for the 15-minute average value (demand rate) to be reduced by up to 35 percent. We offer this solution so you can sustainably minimize your operating costs.

Achieve charging capacity now that will
still be the state-of-the-art in 5 years’ time.

Energy management and reporting

The load management from AMPERAGE can flexibly interact with the customer’s own energy management. Customized solutions or standard energy management can also be implemented as an alternative. A cloud-based data dashboard ensures that you always have the performance data from the energy storage system in view.

AMPERAGE in your own design

Ultra-fast charging can be so beautiful: the AMPERAGE design can be individually adapted – into your company’s own look & feel, as advertising space or to match the surroundings.

How AMPERAGE works

AMPERAGE charges electricity from the grid, stores it temporarily and releases it again with many times the power – similar to the operating principle used by a hydroelectric power station.