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Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH

Our company’s vision: to deliver a renewable, secure and affordable energy supply worldwide. With the sustainable energy storage system we have developed, we are making an important contribution to the global energy transition.


In 2008, Dr. Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz start working on the technology for the 4th generation flywheel energy storage system and in 2012 he and our second founder Nicolai Meder begin to push ahead with commercialization. They are two experts in mechatronic product development and energy storages. In 2016, they founded Adaptive Balancing. Our focus is on innovative applications in which our energy storage systems offer economic added value. This is how we achieve a reduction in global CO2 emissions using commercial leverage.

Adaptive Balancing
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A fusion of traditional mechanical engineering and start-up dynamics

Our origins can be found in the German mechanical engineering scene, our orientation is one of a globally active mid-sized company. Our profound understanding of the system, combined with our lean enterprise structure, makes us extremely flexible – and allows us to react dynamically to changing conditions, fresh opportunities and new challenges. We collaborate with a proven network of industry partners in the production and integration of our energy storage system.

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Dr. Hendrik Schaede-Bodenschatz und Nicolai Meder


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