Buffered High Power Charging

High-Power Charging
In the Low-Voltage Grid

Current electric vehicles offer ultra-fast charging at several 100 kW. This allows the user to recharge a range of 100 kilometres or more in the time of a short coffee break. Energy for the mileage of an entire week or a longer trip can be “refueled” during a 20 minute stop at the supermarket. The obstacle to rolling out this high power charging infrastructure, however, is the lack of grid connections.

Flywheels are an attractive way to integrate such high power charging stations without grid upgrade. The flywheel accumulates energy from the grid and makes it available for high-power charging. Adaptive Balancing Power offers solutions that circumvent the problem of grid expansion, enabling a rapid and economical rollout of high power charging stations.


Enables charging stations with two or more high power charging points, even in insufficiently developed power grids. The flywheel units independently adjust the power drawn from the grid to the grid connection and grid condition. In doing so, the utilisation of the existing grid infrastructure is optimised in a grid-oriented manner: Up to 3 times more high power charging points can be operated on the same grid connection.

Application Benefits:

AMPERAGE Charge100

Buffered High Power Charging station that enables recharging of 100 km range within minutes, based already on a standard 63A grid connection. The flywheel accumulates energy at the available power from the power grid and then charges the vehicle with up to 6 times the power within a short time.

Application Benefits:

AMPERAGE Pantograph

The AMPERAGE Pantograph station enables automated recharging of public buses, trucks and construction vehicles via pantograph – even during regular stops and in the low-voltage grid. Such opportunity charging doubles the range of a bus, for example, by simply recharging for two minutes during a regular stop every half hour. The flywheel unit charges itself slowly from the grid and then delivers a power boost of up to 500 kW to charge the vehicle.

Application Benefits:




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