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How the technology works

An electric motor accelerates the flywheel to charge up the high-performance energy storage system. In generator mode, the motor decelerates the flywheel again and the energy stored during rotation is converted back into electricity.

Carbon-fiber flywheel

Novel integrated hollow cylinder design – the flywheel rotates around the stator. The design affords the highest capacity and is cost-effective to manufacture. The modular store rotates at up to 16,000 rpm and can be charged as often as required.

Motor / Generator

The external rotor synchronous machine accelerates the flywheel mass when charging and decelerates it again as a generator when discharging. The machine demonstrates high power density and great efficiency and dynamics. Even at full load, the power is reversed in a highly dynamic manner within less than 30 milliseconds.

Magnetic Storage

The high speeds and high energy density are only made possible thanks to the contact-free magnetic bearing. The industrially proven storage system is efficient and wear-free. The storage system has a maintenance interval of two years.

Vacuum Housing

Operation of the flywheel mass in a high vacuum at up to 1 x 10-5mbar minimizes air friction and contributes to the high efficiency of the storage system. The vacuum housing also safeguards the system’s safety, even at 1.2 x overspeed.

Sustainable increase in performance

Modular and scalable

The modular design accommodates needs-based systems, ranging from individual systems to larger clusters consisting of several energy storage systems. This means that the features of the systems can be conveniently adapted and new applications made accessible.

AMPERAGE is made from the highest quality components from European and German mechanical engineering sources. We combine quality and sustainability right from the outset.