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Cloud visualization and data analysis

AMPERAGE performance data can be accessed securely and in real time over a cloud-based data dashboard. Sophisticated tools deliver customer-specific insights into system dynamics, efficiency and economy.

Application-specific digital twins – i.e. system-parallel online simulations – provide information for optimizing the mode of operation.

Cloud-Visualisierung und Datenanalyse

Energy Management

If necessary, AMPERAGE can act autonomously by monitoring grid conditions such as voltage or frequency or by reacting to control commands from the customer’s inhouse energy management system. Minimum response times of less than 30 milliseconds can be achieved in this way, even with full power reversal.

Human-machine interface for easy access

The energy storage system offers a human-machine interface for interacting with AMPERAGE and the energy management system. Personalized user profiles allow different users to be set up – from read-only to full access to all parameters for commissioning the system. Remote access can also be implemented if desired.

Remote access for full transparency.