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The Heavy-Duty solution for you Robust, powerful and cost-effective

Process-optimized ultra-fast charging –
The easy way to e-mobility

The future of transport and logistics is electric. AMPERAGE makes process-oriented ultra-fast truck charging possible almost anywhere on the grid. Without any costly downtimes. With full range flexibility.

Process-optimized, high-availability charging

Thanks to its high charging capacity, AMPERAGE smooths the way for process-optimized charging within legally prescribed rest periods or during forecourt waiting times.

More charging points with one existing power connection

AMPERAGE allows the number of charging stations to be doubled with a power-limited power connection – without upgrading the power grid and with no additional operating costs. No waiting times at the charging stations means you generate more sales and significantly increase the appeal of your location.

Faster charging, additional charging points, increased locational flexibility for more economy.

Cheaper than diesel

Electricity prices can be achieved that even lie below today’s diesel prices with AMPERAGE, owing to its heavy-duty design for durability and high performance. Additional CO2 tax on diesel fuels will increase the profitability of an e-truck even further compared to conventional diesel vehicles.

Maximum charging power
0 kW
0 years
Additional costs for haulers
0 percent

Short charging times make day and night charging possible

Whether 24/7 high power charging or alternating slow charging at night: since AMPERAGE does not need long idle periods to charge itself, the ultra-fast charging function is available on the spot within a few minutes.

Reliable even in the worst weather

AMPERAGE is a mechatronic energy storage and works even in extreme cold and heat. And that with a significantly higher degree of utilization than comparable technologies. As a heavy-duty solution, it is perfectly suited for truck charging infrastructures, where high reliability despite heavy demands is a core requirement.

Optimized for heavy-duty applications




Flexible choice of location, easy to assemble and dismantle.

Many logistics areas remain available only temporarily. On top of that, conventional, fixed charging infrastructure cannot be easily moved to new locations. AMPERAGE, in contrast, can be quickly and easily dismantled, making it ideal for use in the logistics sector.

High Power Charging anywhere you need it

Energy and load management for maximum efficiency

Load management by the AMPERAGE high-performance energy storage system flexibly interacts with the customer’s own energy management. A customized solution or standard energy management can also be deployed as an alternative. Perfectly tailored to your needs, this allows you to get the most out of your existing power connection.

How AMPERAGE works

AMPERAGE charges electricity from the grid, stores it temporarily and releases it again with many times the power – similar to the operating principle used by a hydroelectric power station.