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Smart Charge Boost: Adaptive Balancing Power introduces ultra-fast and flexible charging for e-vehicle fleets

– Easy switch to electric vehicle fleet with guaranteed vehicle availability independent of grid expansion
– All-in-one solution for slow charging and ultra-fast charging as needed
– Upgrade and charge point maximization also for existing systems
– On-site integration of renewable energies possible, including intelligent energy management and automated recording and billing of all charging processes

Fleet operators and fleet managers can use Adaptive’s Smart Charge Boost to charge e-vehicles slowly or ultra-fast, depending on the deployment scenario, and independently of the public grid infrastructure. Ultra-fast charging example: With a charging power of up to 350 kW, the AMPERAGE high-performance storage system charges vehicles in under 30 minutes. The process takes just five minutes to secure ranges of 100 km. This means enormously short downtimes within closely timed processes. The vehicles are thus back in service more quickly.

Another advantage of the all-in-one system is that the high-performance energy storage system enables simultaneous charging of several vehicles even at locations not connected to power lines for ultra-fast charging. The energy storage system requires only a standard 63-ampere power connection to build up its own power. This is made possible by a globally unique, multi-patented flywheel mass storage system. The storage accumulates energy from the power grid with the power available at the respective location. It then makes this available with up to six times the power for a fast charging process shortened to a few minutes. Locally generated renewable energies such as wind and photovoltaics can also be integrated.

If a fast charging station is already available, AMPERAGE can also be coupled with it. This way, existing hardware can be upgraded with additional charging power. More fast charging stations are also possible. The kinetic energy storage system is designed purely in terms of physics, operates in a vacuum and is significantly more sustainable and durable than other charging solutions.

“We support fleet managers and operators of vehicle fleets to switch to all-electric now. We provide the upfront energy and economic advice, handle site design and implementation for future-proof scalable charging solutions – all from a single source,” says Kevin Bohla, Business Development Manager at Adaptive Balancing Power. Together with Florian Fröhlich, he is the contact person at booth G8B of the industry meeting, where more than 270 exhibitors and 3,000 industry professionals are expected.

Press Release:
Adaptive Balancing Power introduces ultra-fast and flexible charging for e-vehicle fleets at Flotte 2022 (German)